Kinepolis cinema really fail…

Yesterday, I did go to the cinema to see the movie Avatar in 3D. For that, it was chosen to go to the Kinepolis Brussels cinema. Very bad idea !

First, everyone knows that the cinema is very expensive today. Compared to the price of a good installation and DVDs/Blue-Ray, you have to really want to go to the cinema to see the latest movie. Your seat is uncomfortable, you have to share other’s smell and noises, you have to accept that many people arrives during the movie, distracting everyone, etc. Ok, but that you knows. You accept those rules when you go to the cinema.

What is unacceptable is this: 15 minutes after the launch of the movie, when you begin to be in the ambiance, suddenly, the movie stop, all the lights are up and a bunch of guys from the security shows up and tell “There are peoples in the wrong seat ! Please take the seat that is on your ticket ! The movie will not start again untill this is fixed !” MEN ! What’s wrong with you ??? You just ruined my movie ! Kinepolis SUCKS…

And as it was not enough, just for commercial purposes, they have reintroduced the concept of movie break. Again, they stop the movie for 10 minutes allowing you to buy more things. Damned ! I do not pay to have my movie interrupted like on TV ! I can stay home for less !

I think I’ll never will go to Kinepolis again. This cinema really sucks…

[EDIT] Please note that Kinepolis has actually kindly responded to this post. Please read the comments 😉


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Eric Rodriguez

about 14 years ago

The intermediate break is "new". I did see avatar 3D at kinepolis imagibraine but there was no pause. They *only* had to restart the movie after 5 min of totally desynchronized images. For the seat problem, it's kind of legitimate since Kinepolis allows you to choose your seat position. The issue is more with people not respecting that. (one exception: if they are only 20 people in the place ;)


about 14 years ago

There was free seats available and it is not a reason to disturb everybody. They could just refund the place. Also, if they want this system and a quality show, they should disallow people to enter during the beginning of the movie.

Suan Nguyen

about 14 years ago

Hello Totoph, Hello Eric, We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced in our cinema. If you didn't report this at the cinema's reception desk, you can still do this using our contactform. Your message will be picked up in the messageflow by our colleagues: You can check out more information regarding the pause/movie break in our FAQ, as not every movie (in general only kidsmovies and long movies) has a pause: Kind regards, Suan Nguyen Kinepolis Group


about 14 years ago

Maybe I'll consider it. Thanks for the information anyway !

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