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Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual DVI versus simple Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter

Hi everybody,

I have a marvellous Samsung SyncMaster SA850T which have the particularity to be a 2560×1440 mat display (mat and cheaper than the Apple Display).

To connect it to my Macbook Air, I thought I had to buy the Apple Mini DisplaPort to Dual DVI adaptor (


This adaptor is buggy. Every time my Mac wakes up, I’ve to unplug and plug back the Mini DisplayPort entry, because otherwise I’ve fuzzy or blurry or noisy screen. Moreover, this sh*t cost me 99 euros.

This week, I just ordered a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter. It is a lot better! No more problems with the unsleeping event. And the best part? It cost me only 15 euros… (

Apple Fail…

Kinepolis cinema really fail…

Yesterday, I did go to the cinema to see the movie Avatar in 3D. For that, it was chosen to go to the Kinepolis Brussels cinema. Very bad idea !

First, everyone knows that the cinema is very expensive today. Compared to the price of a good installation and DVDs/Blue-Ray, you have to really want to go to the cinema to see the latest movie. Your seat is uncomfortable, you have to share other’s smell and noises, you have to accept that many people arrives during the movie, distracting everyone, etc. Ok, but that you knows. You accept those rules when you go to the cinema.

What is unacceptable is this: 15 minutes after the launch of the movie, when you begin to be in the ambiance, suddenly, the movie stop, all the lights are up and a bunch of guys from the security shows up and tell “There are peoples in the wrong seat ! Please take the seat that is on your ticket ! The movie will not start again untill this is fixed !” MEN ! What’s wrong with you ??? You just ruined my movie ! Kinepolis SUCKS…

And as it was not enough, just for commercial purposes, they have reintroduced the concept of movie break. Again, they stop the movie for 10 minutes allowing you to buy more things. Damned ! I do not pay to have my movie interrupted like on TV ! I can stay home for less !

I think I’ll never will go to Kinepolis again. This cinema really sucks…

[EDIT] Please note that Kinepolis has actually kindly responded to this post. Please read the comments 😉

iPhone broken

Mmm, last week I took my iPhone when i was doing some sport. It fall…

Totophe iPhone broken