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In the world of repositories, there is

So, imagine you want to host some subversion, git or mercurial repository. There are tons of websites to do that. All those come with tons of applications, and…

… price.

Of course, you can have free public repositories, like on Github but when you want private ones, then, it become expensive.

Of course, you can say: I want the minimum amount of features, but it also comes with a maximum amount of repositories.

In all the jungle, there is one, who do not have lot of features, who is not fancy, who is not free.

But! It just do the job! An unlimited number of repositories, users, and stuff. No incredible price. And at least the tools you need. is just cheap but strong. For 6$ / month you have 2Gb of space for all your repositories. Can be subversion, git or mercurial. Each extra Gb is billed 1$ per month.

I suggest you to try this.