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Google I/O 2011 ticket, done

Google, in May, I’m coming back ! 🙂

HowTo: Transfer huge websites with Apache mod_proxy

I was wondering how I should manage the transfer of several huge websites that are regulary updated from one server to another one so the downtime is minimal and the transfer is transparant for users.

Finaly, it came the idea to use the power of Apache mod_proxy and rsync. The downtime of the page could then be minimal and I could ask the customer to change their DNS config before the website is entirely transfered.


  • A website (in this example:
  • Two servers
    • Source should work with rsync
    • Target should run with Apache2 and mod_proxy enabled
  • Good knowledges/understanding of Apache/DNS/Linux

HowTo: Reduce size of a virtual disk in Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is great, but some tools are missing. Especially if you want to decrease the size of a virtual machine. This could be done because you are runing out of space, or because you want to put your OS on an USB key or a SD card, or whatever.

After having try multiple time Parallels solutions, I’ve used another very simple method to achieve that.


  • The very usefull GParted tool (
  • A place where the size of the needed resized partition is free (Yes, I know, if you want to free space, it is not a good start…)

Gentoo Power

Just discovered how interesting is the site 😀

And now, my first contribution ! Dell PowerEdge 2800 Installation guide.