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Brussels Twestival 2009

Yesterday, I did go to the Brussels Twestival 2009. It was happening at Le Botanique.

What about it ?

The Idea

is great! As the main goals of the event. Combining charity with social networksing is a good idea. Behind that, it will though require a massive effort to bring common people to be interested into that kind of event.

The Unconferences

was also a good idea, just too bad that there were too many noise to have a clear discution. I wasn’t able to follow the debate that I was interested for. I hope that next time we will have a quite room for that 🙂

My conclusion

is that this event is great, and could be greater. Let it grow and grow, and spread the world about it. There are lot’s of ideas that can come from it, for socialising, networking but also charitying.

About the party,

it was great. Too bad that I had to wake up early today… 🙂