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MicroPlaza, the next Search Engine for Twitter

After a short read of an article about the Eric Smith’s vision of Twitter (, I’m wondering if MicroPlaza is not the NextGen (cool word) Search Engine for Twitter.

Why ?


  • They already are indexing the whole Twittersphere. (Not the whole, in fact, just the links)
  • It’s hype
  • They have knowledges in content indexing


  • Twitter is not used by everybody, maybe the system have to scan other systems
  • Is the twitter content worth ?
  • Yet another specific search engine

Anyway, wait and see 🙂

[Edit:] And they did it now 🙂

Microplaza is to twitter what digg is to websites


Today, a little overview about Microplaza. It is an online twitter tool, but what does it really do ?

You have probably seen last few month that a lot of people use now twitter to share links. This have become a major use of Twitter. Instead of sharing it to comunity using some tools like, you just want to make them more “Éphémère”. Maybe too ephemeral…

Microplaza just explores the whole twittersphere searching for urls. It extract them, thumbnail them, merge all tweets about it and give you the result in a timeline. In that timeline, you can show who and how many people have tweeted it. You can view they comment in a single click. You can even bookmark them to review them later. You can retweet it including your own comment. Basicaly, you just have the functionnalities you need (kiss and smart).

microplaza screenshot

As you see, you have lot of functionnalities, but I wont explore all of them. Some other fanatic bloggers has already done it 🙂

If you are a twitter user, just try it !

Oh! Just one last comment. The smart team beyond MicroPlaza have also build an Enterprise Knowledge Management system also know as Knowledge Plaza is a Belgian company called Whatever (no, really…). Go and check their website, you might be interested…