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My Macbook Pro 17″ died yesterday… RIP

Yesterday morning, my Macbook Pro 17″ didn’t boot anymore. The screen was black and no chime. I suspect it to be the well known NVIDIA problem because I didn’t do anything special with it (it was on it stand, wasn’t moved, or anything else).

So, now, my little precious is at the hospital. They are doing some diagnostic to see if we can bring it to life again and if it will cost me 1000 bucks or not.

Anyway, I could not wait until it is repaired, so I bought a Macbook Pro 13″. The good thing is: “Time Machine” ! Always, always, always configure your Time Machine ! It is the best software ever. The first you need on your computer apart the OS…

So I’ve plugged my new Mac with my Time Machine, and 2h later, here it was: All my desktop, applications, documents, preferences back to my new Mac. I was able to continue my work like I’d never change my laptop ! Soooo gooood 🙂

Now the only bad thing is that I’ve chosen an entry level MBP with not enough memory and a slow hard drive, and I can feel it. It’s not like my “old” good MBP 17″. But it should be for only 3 or 4 weeks, right ?

Apple rules ! Eat apples 😉