MicroPlaza, the next Search Engine for Twitter

After a short read of an article about the Eric Smith’s vision of Twitter (http://www.businessinsider.com/google-ceo-twitter-a-poor-mans-email-system-2009-3), I’m wondering if MicroPlaza is not the NextGen (cool word) Search Engine for Twitter.

Why ?


  • They already are indexing the whole Twittersphere. (Not the whole, in fact, just the links)
  • It’s hype
  • They have knowledges in content indexing


  • Twitter is not used by everybody, maybe the system have to scan other systems
  • Is the twitter content worth ?
  • Yet another specific search engine

Anyway, wait and see 🙂

[Edit:] And they did it now 🙂 http://microplaza.com/search


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about 15 years ago

IMHO, twitter content is not specific enough and mass media doesn't mean relevant or valuable information. Further, if twitter is to be compared to email, have you ever "dream" of a mail search engine? (quite the opposite I'd guess). I don't think most people will switch to vertical search engine. Look what happens when google "went down"... people like your parents probably didn't even know what to do! On the positive side, microplaza offers me a good filter to twitter. So now I can reduce my twitter time monitoring around 0. I think you may not need a twitter account anymore !

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