2009 as a come back ? But when ?

I know, I’ve said that 2009 would be my comeback to the blogosphere. Yes, but when ?

ASAP, but first, I’m doing some work at home, rebuilding the whole kitchen and bathroom, and yes, that takes a lot of time, resources, spirit, motivation, health, energy (no, it is not a list of keywords for google).

And what do I need to do for my blog ?

– A spring cut: Yes, I have to do some changes to the past (whow, a time machine…): Incuding changing team, removing some useless posts, chosing some main themes, increase my English, etc.

– A brainstorming: Yeah, that’s cool to blog, but blog about what, for who, and how much ? That’s another question. Yes, I know, I have a lot of thing to say, but I have to cut down ininteresting part, and find my way.

So, keep reading, I’m not death yet 🙂

About my “home work”, I’m now tiling (carreler ?) my bathroom. That’s not an easy job, if it is the first time. It won’t be perfect at all, but since it’s only for 3 years, I think it will be enough. Next step: Mount the kitchen and install electricity in it…


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