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Facebook & Instagram Ads explained

Last week I gave a presentation about Facebook & Instagram Ads. It covers the basic and why you should consider them.

The detail of the presentation and video are available on MADTech Belgium: https://madtech.be/2016/10/10/facebook-instagram-explained-meetup/

CMSMadeSimple.fr at CMSDay.fr

Next week, I’ll be at the CMSDay helping the french community to present the marvelous CMS Made Simple CMS to the community.

If you are in Paris, do not hesitate to come by.


A short article on how to setup a symfony 1.4 project with SVN

Here is a short article on how to setup a symfony 1.4 project with SVN. This will helps you to have a good start with symfony 1.4.

HowTo: Reduce size of a virtual disk in Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is great, but some tools are missing. Especially if you want to decrease the size of a virtual machine. This could be done because you are runing out of space, or because you want to put your OS on an USB key or a SD card, or whatever.

After having try multiple time Parallels solutions, I’ve used another very simple method to achieve that.


  • The very usefull GParted tool (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/)
  • A place where the size of the needed resized partition is free (Yes, I know, if you want to free space, it is not a good start…)

Gentoo Power

Just discovered how interesting is the site http://gentoo-wiki.com/ 😀

And now, my first contribution ! Dell PowerEdge 2800 Installation guide.