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HowTo: Reduce size of a virtual disk in Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is great, but some tools are missing. Especially if you want to decrease the size of a virtual machine. This could be done because you are runing out of space, or because you want to put your OS on an USB key or a SD card, or whatever.

After having try multiple time Parallels solutions, I’ve used another very simple method to achieve that.


  • The very usefull GParted tool (
  • A place where the size of the needed resized partition is free (Yes, I know, if you want to free space, it is not a good start…)

Can Photoshop detect paper money ?

Everybody knows, it is yes. But could it realy be done ? One member of our staff didn’t believe it. So we tryed…

And the winner is :

In some cas yes, in other cases, no.

Here is the proof:

20 euros specimen

I missed

I do not understand why I haven’t clicked at the time it was “Avaliable” and I waited for this F*#é! OVH to do it for me.

I hope this will be a never again.

Astaro is good for your network health

Ok, I know, Astaro is a little overkill for domestic network. But it is soo coooool 🙂

Firewall, router, vpn, webadmin…

I was previously on a Linksys router, but had problems with bittorrent network. Now, everything is working well, I can connect my home network from my office, I f**k the newbies teenagers without talent who try to hack me. (But, God, forgives these who can hack this themselfs, because they are good. Very good…)

Go and visit :