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Parce que, d’abord, c’est Apple qui l’a dit! Les 12 sites les plus mieux, selon Apple

Alors, voilà. Aujourd’hui, Apple a lancé la version Beta de Safari 4. Bon, à part les habituelles “150 new features”, les grandes similitudes avec Chrome, etc., rien de bien nouveau sous le soleil. Leur système de Coverflow/History, me rappelle d’ailleur un très beau projet réalisé par Whatever, qui fait, à peu près la même chose, avec les liens Twitter: Microplaza (Bien joué les gars!).

Alors, que dire de plus que toutes les félicitations et réclamations que les milliers voir millions (ou même milliards, soyons fou!) de blogs du monde entier vont faire ?

Eh bien c’est très simple: Selon Apple, les “Top Site” du moment sont les suivants:

  1. Apple ( et son iLife/iWork 09 (si vous avez de la chance, sinon, rafraichissez)
  2. Facebook (
  3. The New York Times (
  4. National Geographic (
  5. (
  6. SPIN (
  7. Nike “Plus” (, à noter qu’il ne fonctionne pas sur ma version de Firefox 3.0 sous Mac.
  8. Rolling Stone (
  9. Rough Guides (
  10. Lonely Planet (
  11. MobileMe Gallery (
  12. (

Voilà, donc si maintenant, vous souhaitez être Hype, vous savez où surfer…

Merci qui ? 🙂

Brussels Twestival 2009

Yesterday, I did go to the Brussels Twestival 2009. It was happening at Le Botanique.

What about it ?

The Idea

is great! As the main goals of the event. Combining charity with social networksing is a good idea. Behind that, it will though require a massive effort to bring common people to be interested into that kind of event.

The Unconferences

was also a good idea, just too bad that there were too many noise to have a clear discution. I wasn’t able to follow the debate that I was interested for. I hope that next time we will have a quite room for that 🙂

My conclusion

is that this event is great, and could be greater. Let it grow and grow, and spread the world about it. There are lot’s of ideas that can come from it, for socialising, networking but also charitying.

About the party,

it was great. Too bad that I had to wake up early today… 🙂

2009 as a come back ? But when ?

I know, I’ve said that 2009 would be my comeback to the blogosphere. Yes, but when ?

ASAP, but first, I’m doing some work at home, rebuilding the whole kitchen and bathroom, and yes, that takes a lot of time, resources, spirit, motivation, health, energy (no, it is not a list of keywords for google).

And what do I need to do for my blog ?

– A spring cut: Yes, I have to do some changes to the past (whow, a time machine…): Incuding changing team, removing some useless posts, chosing some main themes, increase my English, etc.

– A brainstorming: Yeah, that’s cool to blog, but blog about what, for who, and how much ? That’s another question. Yes, I know, I have a lot of thing to say, but I have to cut down ininteresting part, and find my way.

So, keep reading, I’m not death yet 🙂

About my “home work”, I’m now tiling (carreler ?) my bathroom. That’s not an easy job, if it is the first time. It won’t be perfect at all, but since it’s only for 3 years, I think it will be enough. Next step: Mount the kitchen and install electricity in it…

Moving Up the Down Escalator: Tackling Corporate Memory

Following a friend post, I’m sharing this interesting text with you.

“Phil, it’s not as simple as you think. Organizations are living, breathing organisms. They are like people – with their own histories, dreams, desires, jealousies, traditions and habits. And they are made up of people, no two of whom are alike, while at the same time they share certain beliefs, values and behaviours. That all wraps up into what we call our “corporate culture,” and it’s worth more to us than a thousand desktop computers or a million mission statements. It’s what makes us a cohesive whole, a team-based organization that is not tripping over itself every second of every day.”

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2009 as a come back

Dear all,

Following Wavyx attempt to spread the world with him 2009 good resolutions (,  I’m preparing my come back. My good resolutions will be done later 🙂

All the best for 2009!